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  • 27th December 2017
  • Hospital expansion
  • Many of you have complained to us about  visitors and staff parking on nearby roads. One particularly bad delay was due to  a burst water main in Turner Road. Cllr Anne Turrell helped get that resolved swiftly.  Anne, David King and Martin Goss have also met recently with a senior manager from the Hospital Trust. … Continue reading Hospital expansion

  • 16th November 2017
  • Nayland Road bus gate camera
  • Essex County Council are adding a bus gate camera that will definitely be in operation so fines can be levied on anyone who drives through the gate either way. It will go into operation in November 2017. It is worth being aware of this as Essex County Council will pursue anyone who uses this entrance. … Continue reading Nayland Road bus gate camera

  • 23rd October 2017
  • Reporting crime in Mile End
  • Colchester’s new Chief Inspector Shaun Kane will be introducing new initiatives to stamp out low-level crime. When asked by Cllr Coleman at a recent Scrutiny meeting about the non emergency number 101 he made it clear that ALL crimes should be reported. All reported crimes are recorded and whilst police resources are limited these reports … Continue reading Reporting crime in Mile End

  • 30th September 2017
  • Traveller incursions in Mile End
  • Following another summer and more incursions on to both council land and private land requests have been made by your Mile End councillors to make secure the sites known to be visited by travellers. A borough-wide Public Space Protection Order to stop Travellers setting down in the borough has not been allowed by the authorities. … Continue reading Traveller incursions in Mile End

  • North Station bus lane cameras
  • The bus lane in North Station Road past the Norfolk Pub has now been fitted with enforcement cameras. From North to South is for buses only whilst from South to North is for buses only and for ACCESS ONLY for residents living in that part of North Station Road. The road has been abused for … Continue reading North Station bus lane cameras